Humble Beginnings
I grew up in a small farming community in Northern Minnesota. My graduating class had twenty-seven people and the biggest influence of my life at that time was my English teacher, Mrs. Davis who helped instill in me a love for reading, writing, and words in general.

I can clearly remember the day, at the age of 16, when I sat in my upstairs bedroom of our small farmhouse, looking out the window into the trees and experiencing the feeling of knowing I would someday be a published author. For a young girl from a poor family, the dream was big and for many years, it was set aside as I continued to fill boxes and then filing cabinets with my ideas, concepts, stories, and even manuscripts of completed novels.

Realizing the Dream
Many, many years later and now the grandmother of young adults and a great grandmother, writing is no longer on my bucket list, it is my focus and my passion.

The Beginning
Now that I can focus on my writing, my biggest challenge was making the decision of where to start since I had filing cabinets filled with years of writing. Yet I knew that I had to begin with telling the story of my son’s death. While I am in general a writer who delves deep into emotions, writing that story took me to the very depth of my existence, to question everything I knew and understood. It also taught me a deep level of compassion and the knowledge that while we are all surrounded by grief and loss in some form, few of us know how to be there for someone in the middle of this torturous process. My first two books were written for those in the throes of grief and those who love them.

My Passion
Writing fiction is my passion. I love developing a concept for a novel and then getting into that “space beyond the mind” where all great fiction develops and where the characters sometimes take over and let you know exactly what they’re thinking and how they’ll act. For a fiction writer, our characters become friends (yes, it can sometimes be normal to have imaginary friends. . .fiction writers have many).

About 35 years ago I started writing a novel entitled Family Inheritance about three sisters who have evolved and grown and changed over the years as the novel was written, revised, and nurtured. That novel has now been accepted for publishing by BQB Publishing and I’m in the process of working with an editor to hone and polish my work. The book will release on October 1, 2014.

Sharing My Passion
I have the privilege of also working in the publishing industry and each day helping other writers realize their dreams or get closer to realizing their dreams by guiding them on what it takes. I also speak on subject of writing and becoming an author.

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